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Try out our ‘Tax Toolkit’

From helping you to avoid a costly Revenue audit to identifying tax saving opportunities, our ‘Tax Toolkit’ delivers impressively.

At Glennon Chartered Accountants we have developed a new approach to the delivery of tax services… combining technology with tax knowledge, we deliver tax services fit for purpose for 2024.

Would a Revenue Auditor leave your premises a happy Taxman! Why wait to find out. Our tax toolkit helps identify the issues for you. Avoid that costly tax settlement before it’s too late.

Our tax toolkit also ensures opportunities for tax savings are identified. Is it time for a fresh review of your tax affairs?

Key Areas covered by our “Tax Toolkit”

  • Income Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • VAT – General Compliance
  • VAT – International Trade
  • VAT – Property Transactions
  • PAYE – General Compliance
  • Foreign Property
  • Capital Gains Tax (in development) – due for release shortly
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax (in development) – due for release shortly