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Strategic Planning Toolkit

Our newly developed ‘Strategic Planning Toolkit’ is specifically designed for the SME sector.

A strategic plan will help streamline business practices. Strategic planning enables you to take control of your future and provide a workable framework for expanding your business intelligently. Strategic plans are not just for big businesses. Small businesses can benefit tremendously, boosting their productivity, expanding their markets, and becoming more focused in achieving sustainability.

The holy grail of strategy is achieving long-term competitive advantage. We can help.

Several studies in the SME sector have shown better outcomes for those who plan strategically.

Our Strategic Planning Toolkit helps you unlock the benefits of planning strategically for your business.

Key Areas covered by our “Strategic Planning Toolkit”

  • Mission, Value & Vision
  • Customer Segment Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Strategic Priorities
  • Setting Strategic Goals
  • Critical Success Factors (CSF’s)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Strategic Learning & Insights

Call Paul at (087) 6680699 for a demonstration. You’ll be surprised how simple our Toolkit makes it!